Here’s How Bad Content Terrorizes SEO

How Bad Content Terrorizes SEO

Here’s How Bad Content Terrorizes SEO

Don’t let the bad content boogeyman destroy your business dreams.

You’ve just launched your website. The logo looks great. It’s easy to navigate and you think that your content will engage your audience. Now it’s time to rest and let the numbers roll in.

However, your dreams soon turn into nightmares as your content is not doing what you’d hoped. No one is visiting your website and no matter how tight you hold the covers or how many times you call for ‘Mommy,’ bad content continues to scare away prospective visitors.

Just remember, you’re an adult now! The boogeyman doesn’t exist! And you don’t need to settle for bad content. It’s time to make your dreams a reality.

So here’s how to take down the terror haunting your website.

Create genuine quality content

Everyone knows that you should choose quality over quantity. You should cater your content to answer all the questions your visitor might have. Give your audience a purpose when they visit your website.

Don’t waste your visitors’ time with ranty articles about how you know best. Or uploading photos that are too big and take forever to load. Additionally, you don’t want to force rigid and impersonal content on your audience either.

Write about what you’re passionate about. Have content that represents your brand just as you always imagined. It might take more work but authenticity pays off.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Be wary of stuffing your content with keywords. Sure you may think that the more you mention a keyword the more likely it is that your website will register with search engines, but nope.

It comes off like you’re trying too hard and compromises the quality of your content. At least the search engines think so and so does the bad content boogeyman.

Insert your keyword once or twice to have your piece register with search engines but any more than that could make you sound robotic.

Stay away from duplicate content

You’ve just spent all day setting up your website. You’re on the last post and are so tired you figure why not just post the same excerpt found on the other page. Or upload the same stock photo for your ‘Contact’ page.

Then you go to sleep to dream sweet dreams of success you wake only to find out your website has become a nightmare.

Duplicate content confuses search engines. The purpose of search engines is to direct traffic to a specific destination. If you have duplicate content, the search engine won’t know how to service your visitor by finding the optimal page.

The takeaway

If you build it with authenticity, they will come.

You and your team provide the best product/service to your clientele, your website should be no different.

Registering high in SEO will come organically if you do the research, create genuine content you're passionate about, and establish a connection for potential customers.

When you keep these tips in mind, not only will you not have nightmares but your SEO dreams will become a reality.

Maybe even the boogeyman will visit your site.
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