Social Media Advertising

You'll have a serious case of FOMO if you skip over social media advertising as part of your company's marketing plan. The numbers are pretty huge: online advertising dollars topped $72 billion last year and surpassed TV ad spending. For smaller businesses, social media advertising is affordable and effective. Whether done alone or combined with our social media management services, paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms lets your business build a trusting bond with prospective customers.

We can spell out the best social media platforms for your specific business to include in a marketing campaign. And we can create ads that aren't just being seen as people scroll on by, but that encourage interaction with your brand. As an example, we can set up a custom audience on Facebook that will feed your ad to the Facebook pages of interested customers who have visited your website. It's a super way to target your message. The folks that like what they see could become your newest social media followers. Ready to boost your social engagement? Give us a holler.

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