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So you're looking online for a potato supplier. Would you linger on and return to the site offering a street address, a list of potato types, and prices? Or would you be more likely to click around the site featuring a video of farmer Dan harvesting the spuds, colorful photos and stories of the farm's history, and a page full of mouth-watering recipes for scalloped potatoes, potato pancakes, and potato salad?

Yes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a thing, but content marketing has become one of the leading approaches to search engine optimization. Simply stated, content marketing means that you really think about what your customers want to see and read, and you give it to them. We know that you are an expert in your own field (potatoes or not). We can help you beef up your website content so that people searching for the goods and services you offer keep coming back to you for information that has real value. Whether it's video content, blog posts or social media shares, we help you grow with good research, writing, and visuals. Content marketing is all about getting people to find you, follow through on your invitation to connect, and then share your brand.

There will always be new and better ways to tweak your company's website so that people find you first when searching Google or Bing. We start by reviewing your current site, analyzing your rankings, and talking to you in-depth about your business goals.

It could be that improving your website's page titles and descriptions with relevant keywords would do the trick. Or maybe we can help you add more information and pages to your website and combine that with social media management to drive up your brand visibility. We come up with a unique recipe for SEO success for each of our clients.

For the most effective SEO, we focus on boosting your organic search results. Search engines no longer crawl strings of keywords. Instead, really helpful and descriptive content is king. As part of our content marketing services, we help you tell the personal story of your company and develop website and social media content that customers find useful. People want good information, not keyword babble.

And there's more. Quality content will, without a doubt, help your SEO rankings organically. But we can make your website even more effective by researching your market and competition, studying your Google Analytics results and using the latest SEO tools. Are you ready to try something besides blog posts and Facebook links to generate leads and make more money? Want us to help you boost your company's SEO in a new way? We'd love to share what we know! Let's get together and come up with an awesome content marketing strategy for your business. Possibly over french fries.

Contact us! We don't bite. Unless you have french fries.

If you like what you see here and would like to work on a Content Marketing Strategy project together, please fill out the form below. Or not, it's entirely up to you. But what are you waiting for?

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