Geofencing – Mobile Advertising

It's not an Olympic sport, or a way of keeping the cows home. Geofencing is a location-based technology that can be a highly cost-effective and engaging component of your business marketing strategy. It essentially draws a virtual line around a real geographic area, such as a square-mile perimeter around your business address. When a consumer with a smartphone enters or leaves the targeted area, they receive an ad, sale notification or promotion about your business on their mobile device.

These geographically directed alerts can be used in more creative ways than simply grabbing the attention of someone passing by. If you target a competitor’s location, notifications can drive consumers to your business with competitive offers. Or you can set up perimeters in a location that relates back to the kind of services you offer. For small businesses, geofencing provides a budget friendly way to boost awareness and sales, because ads are channeled to receptive consumers who are already looking around in the area.

Holt Marketing Group can customize your geofencing campaign for a larger return and higher click-through rates. How? Our market familiarity combined with good creative. Get started now using effective visuals on this location-based mobile platform to get your business better results.

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